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Convention Director for Everfree Northwest; Vice President of Pegasi Corporation; sometimes I music, other times I art. If we're lucky I may even get to code

kents-writing asked: Why don't you do more fem art? Or at least vag art? You are absolutely astounding at it. Like, one of the best.


To make a long story short, I’m just literally very very gay

I had to actually walk away from my phone I was laughing so hard.

A+ response.


Ryuuko/Mako relationship development (ep. 1, ep. 3, ep. 5 and ep. 25/OVA)

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A vicious cycle:

Working so hard for so long that relaxation breaks are necessary for mental health.

Every relaxation break is immediately frozen in guilt and regret born from years of pushing every waking second of productivity.


I’ve already served my time. HAHAHAHAHHAHA~

Dedicated to my young’un (and mature— age really doesn’t matter) followers headin’ back to school in a few. I’ll remain off in a small part of the internet pretending to be an adult; posting bad jokes while trying to pay off a monstrous debt.

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